Legal Needs

Preparing For Your Day In Court

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, you will typically have to go to court and plead your case in front of a judge.  To help make this process easier, the judge will issue you a bond that needs to be met.  The conditions of a bond are determined by the judge.  Once these conditions are met, a bond will be issued.

Once the bond is issued, you can either sit in jail until your court date, which can be months, or you can contact a company such as Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds to help post your bond and get out of jail.  If you use a bailbonds cleveland company, you will be in the custody of this company until the date of your trial.  If you fail to appear in court then this company may send a bounty hunter after you to collect what is owed.

Getting a lawyer

Once you are out you will want to get the services of a lawyer.  A lawyer is a person that knows the laws and can speak for you in front of the judge.  When the lawyer speaks for you the judge will ask a few questions and then deliberate the case.  Upon making his decision you will either be set free or be punished.

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Collecting evidence

In order to reach a decision or to get the best defense for your case you want to collect evidence.  This evidence will be presented to the judge at the time of trial.  If the judge believes your evidence and you are telling the truth, the odds of being set free are increased.

Look professional

When standing before a judge you want to look respectful.  Be clean, wear nice clothes and speak calmly.  If you don’t show the judge respect then he may rule against you.